Looking for Adventure?

Did you ever dream of discovering antiquities on an archeological dig? Or sleeping in a goat hair tent in the middle of the desert, after dining with Bedouins around a large bowl of rice?

At Jerusalem University College (JUC), we visited the physical settings of the Bible as we studied Judiasm, Islam and the cultural backgrounds of Christianity. Floating on the Sea of Galilee in a Jesus boat, we learned about the fishing nets His disciple, Peter, would have used. Then we ate St. Peter’s fish! Was it really the same kind they had back then? Maybe.

In the City of David, King Hezekiah had an underground tunnel built to provide water for his people if they were attacked. We crept down into that thing. Single file, with flashlights, we waded through water up to our thighs for over half an hour, trying not to think about snakes. It was awesome!

Recently, I felt a nudge to write my friends at the campus and see if they needed help.

They do!

So I’m heading back. I’m not exactly sure why. Of course, I’ll clean the toilets and run the bookstore as requested. But I’ve hung out with God long enough to know, He’s got something up His sleeve.

Wanna come . . . you know, virtually?

Together, we could be a spiritual adventure team!