1 Quick Way to Help You Hear God Better Today

Inside: This simple trick will help you hear God better on a regular basis.

Where is your happy place?

If you stop and think about it, I’ll bet you have several.

Which one is closest to home? Maybe you have a she shed or a greenhouse filled with flowers and maybe even a chair to sit on and relax for a minute.

Believe it or not, spending a few minutes in your happy place is the perfect go to when you want something to help you hear God better.

You know how I was saying, spending a few minutes in your happy place is the perfect spot to help you hear God better? If you don't have one handy, you can borrow this on in your mind.

Thank you, Pavithra Selvam, for sharing your picture!

What are we going to do?

Let’s just take a few minutes to sit and listen to see if God has something He wants to say to us.

That’s it? Yup! That’s it.

And I know some of you may not think you can hear God. But I think if you just sit still for a moment, God knows your intention and if anyone can help you hear God better, it’s God.

So, don’t stress. Nope, just take a few minutes to be still. 

If nothing else, it’s a nice break, right? 🙂

What are your distractions?

For me, I always feel like I should be doing something so I’m usually like a hamster on a treadmill chasing my tail all day long.

But you know what,  listening for God’s voice is doing something! 

In fact, listening for God is probably the most important thing we could do all day.

What steals your time?
It may be something that isn’t even true.

While you are being still,

don’t worry if you don’t hear anything. 

You’re not “wasting time” when you’re learning how to hear God for the first time or you’ve been listening to Him for years and you’re up for anything that will help you hear God better. 

It’s not up to you to come up with something.

If God has something to say to you, it’s up to Him to communicate it to you,


So, just enJOY these few minutes of stillness

and be willing to receive.

Do this, this right here will help you hear God better!

Thank you, Melissa Askew, for sharing your picture!

Sometimes not being willing to receive has been my biggest problem. 

There I am. I might even be reading my Bible or a devotional. I’m aiming to hear God, but I may not ready to hear what He has to say. 

I may not be expecting to hear anything from Him. 

And God’s a gentleman. He won’t force anything on us, even His words. 

Can you imagine
God having something really cool He wants to say, 
and there I am with my fingers in my ears? 🫢

God wants us to hear Him better.

In John 10:27-28, He promises 

“My sheep hear my voice, 
and I know them, 
and they follow me.” (KJV)

Even if some of us are just learning how to hear God

and don’t hear anything as we spend time sitting quietly with Him, I believe we will learn how to feel His presence better.

And that alone is super sweet.

When we spend time with God,

I think it’s really common to want more. 

Every so often, God reminds of of a thought I had one day: I don’t want get up off the couch five minutes too soon and miss something really good that God had to say. 

I don’t want that for you either!  Sometimes, all we need to do is make space for Him.

Dear Sweet Lord Jesus,

No matter where we are
in relationship with You
we are here
because we want You
to help us to hear God better.

We are aiming to hear.

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