A Sabbath Liturgy

May you enjoy a weekend of rest, my friends!!

Lord of the Sabbath,
We enter this day,
Mindful that you alone give true rest.
You alone are our true rest.

You look at all you have made.
And you say it is good.
And you rest.
We too look at all the works of our hands.

And we say that it is good.
And it is enough.
So we rest.

Guide us, this sacred day,
To reflect on your compassion,
To revel in your creation.

To remember your redemption,
To receive your restoration.

Today we make room,
In our hearts, for more love,
In our homes, for more joy.
In our hands, for more peace,
In our hurry, for more patience.

Today, Father, may we
Clear our schedules to show your kindness,
Gather around our tables to share your goodness,
Raise our voices to sing of your faithfulness,
Use our words to speak with your gentleness,

Today we sit still,
In the waiting between the heavy lifting,
In the quiet before the crescendo,
In the empty space, in the pregnant pause.
In the resting, where the real work carries on.

Today we allow Our hearts to slow and steady,
Our breath to rise and fall,
Our eyes to take in beauty,
Our thoughts, to stay simple and small.

Today we are emptied to be filled,
And filled to be poured out again.
Today we receive so we can give.

And we stop so we can once more begin.

This Sabbath day,
We draw near to your presence with us.
We delight in your protection over us.
We dance for your joy in us.
We dwell in your love for us.

And we trust
That this rest is your best gift to us.

If you would like to print a copy, click the download button below:

•The is written by Sarah Bourns. She gave A Sabbath Liturgy as a benediction at Nyack College chapel. The video is posted on her Instagram @sarahbourns (which is where she does all of her writing at the moment) if you want to receive a verbal blessing. You can also find her on Facebook.

Sarah is passionate about developing and empowering the next generation of globally-minded leaders. She serves as the Pastor of Mission and Formation at Hope Church NYC, a multi-ethnic church in Manhattan, and teaches courses on culture, theology, and soul care at Nyack College. A California native, Sarah has also lived in Colorado and inner-city Philadelphia, and her international travels have taken her to over 35 countries. Her various pursuits have included urban community development, cultural intelligence training, teaching English as a second language, missionary care, and spiritual direction. 
Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology as well as a Masters of Divinity. 

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