You always know a rebel by the way they live on the fringe. 

I was never a jock or a brain, more of a freak. That’s what we called partiers where I grew up. Born into a family of ministers, I went to church, but . . . I dressed as a hooker for the youth group Halloween party. That about sums up where I was with all this spiritual stuff back then.

When I left home at seventeen, after all the mandatory church attendance, I quit. Instead, I studied chakras and walked labyrinths in search of a sweat lodge. I made pilgrimages to Jim Morrison’s grave, the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Mount of Temptation—climbed mountains in search of something more real and meaningful than what I’d experienced so far. I was hungry.

With a mean case of wanderlust, I’d work twelve jobs and save up enough money to run off again. Then I’d peer into a smoking volcano, pat a silverback gorilla, or bungee-jump in a mini-skirt.

I made birch syrup in Alaska and sold some to Rosa Parks. Characters became friends, and though I dated and nearly married four times, I never took that plunge. The norm never appealed, so I pursued my destiny, avoiding the idea that something was missing. If it was, I didn’t know what. 

Okay, I sort of did. It was probably all those things my parents wanted for me, like a profession. A husband and kids. And, weirdly enough, Christ. 

Why am I sharing this? Because the deeper truth is that instead of all of the above, I have friends. As I chose travel and wild living to keep from being lonely, I collected a variety of interesting stories. 

And I finally found what I was looking for–in Jesus! No one was more surprised than I. Turns out He’s way cooler than anyone said.

In my mind, He answers me, though not always right away or with the responses I expect; but quietly, when He knows I’m ready. He gives me direction, and when I take it, things happen. 

I’d love this cool stuff for all my friends. Thing is, I get it, not everybody wants it. Or finds God the same way I do. But I can’t stop writing about my faith, and sharing stories while trying not to be obnoxious like I might have been in the beginning. 

I think we’re all on a spiritual journey. 

I love the questions and thoughts that come with it. And sharing the understanding we each have at the moment so we can grow together.