Being Unoffendable is One of Your Superpowers!

Inside: You can be unoffendable.
Imagine how powerful you would be!
These few tips are the supernatural teflon that can help you do it.

Aren’t you sometimes tempted to make a judgement right off the bat?

You think, nope, that won’t work!

But these few tips are working for me. And I know that if they work for me then they can work for you, too! So, let me show you a few things that you can do to bless your socks off . . .

Being unoffendable will definitely bless your socks off!

Thank you, Aretha, for sharing your photo with us.

Let me show you the release you’ll get

in the physical realm that’s similar to what you will get in the spiritual realm when you apply the following.

If you would, rotate your neck until you feel pain.

Lean into the stretch. For a few seconds, the pain intensifies, doesn’t it? But hold your neck right there for a minute and keep reading. ?

Emotional pain is like this, too.

Like grief, when someone you love comes to mind and you once again realize they are no longer alive, isn’t it tempting to jump to another thought?

I almost did that this morning.

Then I decided to stop and feel that pain. Yes, I miss my Mom. And now I get that in this lifetime, I always will. So I sat with that thought for a few minutes instead of rushing onto another.

And just like when we hold the stretch in our necks and the pain lets up, that pain in my heart let up a little bit, too.

(Keep holding. ☺️)

Remember “Decide Now . . .?”
Let me remind you.

When we decide ahead of time
that we’re going react in a new way
when something that bothers us happens again,
that decision strengthens our resolve for the moment we need it.

So, when that thing happens,
we can choose to do
what we had already decided
that we wanted to do.

Changing our reactions
is easier when we have resolve.

We can skip the step of making the decision
because we’ve already done it.

That decision helps us to make the changes we want to make.

So, here’s what you can do!

Not only can you choose to forgive offenses, 
but you can decide now

not to let anything offend you in the future. 

Does this happen to you, too?

God prompts you to do something.

In this case, God’s been showing me some lingering anger that I have. So, a friend of mine encouraged me to “talk to that person” out loud as if they were sitting across from me face-to-face even though the chair was empty. 

I decided to try it. Why not? I got every bit of frustration off my chest. 

Then my friend suggested that I ask God to show me a version of that person in a way that I could have compassion for her and forgive her.

I was doubtful for a minute until God brought to mind a vision of her as a child. I knew her then and how shy she was. It surprised me that I actually felt like I wanted to jump in there and protect her. Seeing her like that made it easy for me to forgive her.

So, I did!

And do you know what? It felt really good.

When you start thinking about this,
you may find 
that you’ve been carrying a lot of offense!

That’s what happened to me. 
I’ve been talking to that chair a lot lately.

Have you ever gotten on a roll like that

and God does something to enCOURAGE you?

This morning, as I read my devotional, Pursuit of His Presence, these words caught my attention:

“becoming offended stops the Word from producing in one’s life . . . 

when that connection is broken, 
there is nothing working 
to remove burdens and destroy yokes 
because that’s what the anointing does.”
(Romans 10:17)

I had to read that one a few times and then I walked away with this one-liner:

Offense stops the anointing from working in your life! ?

Don’t worry, with our superpower, we can fix that! 

We can forgive every single person
who has ever bothered us in any way
and fly in the freedom
that comes through that experience!

Thank you, Fuu J for sharing your photo!

This promise is one of your lifesavers.

“Great peace have they which love thy law: 
and nothing shall offend them.”
(Psalm 119:165)

If you want to hear more about being unoffendable,
my pastor wrote a book called Live UNoffendable

Now, did you do it?

Did you hold the neck stretch all this time?

If you did, I’ll bet the pain is gone.

I am just now learning how amazing it feels to do a twenty-minute stretching youtube. I used to think stretching was a waste of time. It seemed like that time was better spent swimming or biking to burn more calories.

But now, I appreciate that it only takes a few minutes to do something like this and feel better.

When you stop taking offense,
and forgive those who bother you,
you will not believe how good you feel!

Here’s another tip.

As you “Decide Now” to be unoffendable, it’s best to speak it out loud because you believe your own voice.

Ready? Let’s made a decision:

that I’m going to be unoffendable.

I’m not going to let anyone bother me again.

I’m going to give all offense
that comes by way
straight to God
and grab hold of
His peace that passes ALL understanding!

Is this really possible? It is, but we do have to stand firm on our decision.

That means having grace towards ourselves when we are tired. It means knowing we make mistakes sometimes, but we can always start over.

One way I’m going to strengthen my resolve is that I’m going to write this on an index card. And whenever evil tempts me to take offense, because it will, I’m going to strengthen my resolve by reading my decision out loud again. 

Are you with me?

It may take a few times, but I’m always surprised at how quickly God’s promises become lifesavers.

Dear God,

It’s amazing how many
You’ve put at our disposal.

Thank You
for helping us to use this one!

Lots of love, ❤️

If you need a reminder of how much God loves you,

listen to this:

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