This Sounds Weird But I Love a Cool God Story When Someone Dies

A cool God story when someone dies is intriguing, isn’t it?

Maybe because no one really knows exactly what happens.

And haven’t we all heard of a person dying who seems to see others in the room when the living cannot? Or, what about all those who’ve died and come back talking about the light at the end of the tunnel.

There are too many of those stories for there not to be something to them.

I prayed for a cool God story when Mom died, and I told Him that I didn’t want it to be scary.

First, here’s what happened when my grandfather died.

As my family went through the house, they asked me what I wanted.

At the time, I was breaking up with my boyfriend and dismantling the mobile home we’d lived in together. I was about to throw on a backpack and wander, so I wasn’t into stuff.

But I always liked my grandfather’s dinosaur footprints.

And believe it or not, no else put in for them. So, that’s what I got. I always thought they’d be fun to embed into a foyer floor if I ever had one.

Way before Mom died,

the grandmother clock had quit working.

I didn’t mind when it stopped chiming on the quarter of the hour. If I’d lived in the house with it, my guess is that I’d get used to it. But since I didn’t, I was okay without that.

Then the whole thing gave up. For years, it’s been sitting on the landing at the bottom of the stairs in my Dad’s house quiet as a mouse . . .

. . . until the morning Mom passed. 😳

Here's a cool story that happened when someone died. When my mom died, my clock stared working again!

I told Dad.

Then I added, “I wonder if Mom’s spirit came by here on the way to heaven. Maybe she wanted you to know that she stopped in to say good-bye.”

He giggled.

God knows I love His mysterious ways.

And this next bit reminds me of some of my “prayers” recently. I love God’s reply!

Habakkuk Complains to God.

Lord, I continue to ask for help. When will you listen to me?
I cried to you about the violence, but you did nothing!
People are stealing things and hurting others. 
They are arguing and fighting. 
Why do you make me look at these terrible things?
The law is weak and not fair to people. 
Evil people win their fights against good people.
So the law is no longer fair, and justice does not win anymore.”

The Lord Answers Habakkuk.

“Look at the other nations! 
Watch them, and you will be amazed. 
I will do something in your lifetime that will amaze you.
You would not believe it even if you were told about it.”
(Habakkuk 1:1-5, Easy-to-Read Version)

Lord, we are so ready for You to do something amazing!

I did a podcast with an amazing young Catholic mom. 
She hears God and she reaches out to teens
hoping to help them navigate life these days.

We talked about how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

Click here (and turn up your volume) 
to listen to the short trailer she put together 
that keeps making me cry.

Since Mom died, I’ve been needing to cry.

Instead, my grief has leaked out in other ways. Then she sent the trailer.

As I listen, I picture Mom in heaven with my aborted daughter, Ashley Dawn. They are my new team of cheerleaders.

If you want to hear the whole podcast, you can click here. She did an amazing job with it.

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