This is what happened when He said, “Go now in peace”

Go now in peace, wouldn’t that be nice, not only to hear it, but to experience it? I’ve got a Bible story for you about a woman who not only found healing, but that kind of peace, peace that doesn’t even make sense, peace that is possible for you, too.

My body had bled for so long . . .

I couldn’t remember what it was like before it started. That’s not the only thing that hurt. People saw me and screamed, “Uncle-e-ean!” 

They made me stay away.

Photo by Very Davididova on Unsplash.

Always alone, I was lonely.

Twelve years is a very long time to be alone. I was hungry and cold, but that was nothing compared to the pain I felt left to bear the grief on my own.

The pain of the heart is so much harder to endure than the pain of the flesh.

I spent every shekel I had on one medicine man after another. Many wouldn’t touch me. Others sold me cures; things that did not make anyone feel better, but maybe themselves. 

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Then, I heard about Jesus.

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He was different.

I cannot explain it, but I knew in my spirit that had to get to Him. I believed . . . no, I knew  . . . if I could just touch Him, I would be well.

Faith was the substance of the things in which I hoped.

He was my chance, my only chance.

Desperate I had nothing left. All my money, my possessions, anything I had was gone.

I was so weak I did not even know how I could press through the crowds. It is against our law for an unclean person to touch another. People tried to keep me away. I had been pushed aside many times.

And so many people gathered around Jesus.

With my hand, I reached through the crowd and grabbed hold of His robe.

And then I felt it, my body stopped bleeding straight away.

I fell to the ground astonished, amazed. After everything I had been through, it was finished. Tears cleansed me, a form of purification? 

“Who touched me?” I heard as if through a tunnel, but with no accusation, only acknowledgment. I turned my face to Jesus’ voice.

With all the people reaching for Him, He knew my touch. 

Tempted to hold back because of the others, I flinched. Should I be afraid?

Then . . . then I look into His eyes—after twelve years, He was the first to look me in the eye—and I could not hide. He did not call me unclean and run. He knew my touch and He reached for me.

With so many around, it was like He and I were all alone.

Photo from FreeBibleImages.com.

My words fell out, “I . . . touch You.” 

I could not hide, not from Him; I would not hide. My body shook as my story poured forth. My pain dissolved and transformed my soul with thanksgiving and with praise.

As I told Him the truth, I healed. I could feel it.

The others stared as usual, but their scorn held no power.

I looked at His face, His beautiful face, and I saw no shame.

That is when He poured forth another blessing, the last healing I so desperately needed. When He spoke “Daughter,” He revealed His love for me.

With one touch, Jesus healed my body. With one word, He healed my heart.

When He said, “Go now in peace . . .”

. . . strength returned to my body and joy to my soul. I danced as I praised Him. Like a little girl, I swirled ’round the people and saw smiles on their faces.

For the first time in a very long time, I became the object of another’s enjoyment. I’d tried to be invisible because the only awareness I drew was attention I did not want.

But this, this was different.

“Daughter,” He said again, laughing with me, “Be of good cheer; your faith hath saved you. Go now in peace” and I could do nothing but . . .

That’s me washing feet at a Triclinium Banquet in Jerusalem.

Do you need a touch like that?

One filled with healing, peace and joy?

Like this woman, I struggled for a long time. I battled anxiety, and ate Tums like they were candy, but I found freedom from all that.

Now, each time my emotions catch, like a sleeve on the thorn of a rose bush, and trigger an exaggerated reaction, I know what to do.

I take a few steps that get rid of that pit in my stomach.

It’s called inner healing and, for me, it works every time. Since it’s basically getting right with God, I guess that makes sense.

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Go now, my friend, in peace. 🙂

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    1. It makes me think of our prayer last night with the tallith (prayer shall) over us. Somewhere I read that when this woman touched the “hem” of Jesus’ garment that it was the tzitzit she touched, the fringe of His tallith.

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