Television Highlights:

TV Highlights, #1: Episode of Hope Today

Hope Today: Have You Ever Wondered If God Has a Destiny for You?

Author Elizabeth B. Bristol shares how you can walk in your destiny by finding peace, purpose, and incredible healing.

TV Highlights #2: Interview with Around Foxborough

Around Foxboro #60 An Incredible Adventure with God

Guest and author, Elizabeth Bristol, joins us on air to share parts of her story about how God used every piece of her past.

Podcast Highlights:

Flourish-Meant, God Adores You, Part 1
Host, Tina Yeager, and Elizabeth explore the innate need for love, the impact of brokenness, and the power of forgiveness through inspiring stories from a ninety-three-year-old pastor to a homeless friend.

Flourish-Meant, God Adores You, Part 2
Host, Tina Yeager, and Elizabeth dive deep into the topic of God’s adoration and how it transforms our lives. God brings purpose even in pain. His love is evident in diverse ways. Friends shared their experience of God’s love. The answers were profound.

Audio Highlights #10, The Adventure of Healing

Steadfast: A Pro-Life Podcast, The Adventure of Healing
Sammie talks to experts and leaders about a variety of topics, ranging from personal testimonies of healing from an abortion to how to raise pro-life kids and how even art can be life-giving.

Here, she speaks with Elizabeth about what people don’t talk about enough about when it comes to abortion, and Elizabeth shares how she began to heal after having one.

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Audio Highlights #1, A Story of Adventure and Rescue

Whispers of Hope, A Story of Adventure and Rescue
Sally Russell brings the love of Christ to women working inside strip clubs to let them know they are loved, created with value, and have purpose.

She never wants women to feel less than enough. She wants every woman to know that Jesus sees them and loves them right where they are.

Listen in as she interviews author Elizabeth Bristol who shares how God used every piece of her past.

Audio Highlights #2, How Do I Begin to Heal from Past Emotional Hurt?

Grit and Grace, episode 186: How do I begin to heal from past emotional hurt?
Part of growing older—and being human—is learning how to recognize and manage our emotions in a healthy way. Our emotions have the power to help us grow, but they can also hold us back, especially when we’ve been hurt by others in the past.

If you’ve been struggling with the hurt, or shame, or guilt from things that have happened in your past, Darlene, Julie and Elizabeth want to encourage you today that it’s not too late to heal. God met Elizabeth where she was and began to show her how He loved her unconditionally, and He wants to do that for you, too!

Audio Highlights #6, He'll Show You the Way: The Adventure of Learning to Follow God

265 Point: He’ll Show You the Way: The Adventure of Learning to Follow God

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • The importance of being vulnerable about your pain
  • Tips for making time to listen to God’s voice
  • How to reach out to your audience in a way that’s authentic, personal, and effective
  • Elizabeth’s advice for the author who wants to follow God, but fears they won’t have what it takes to write and publish a book and get it into the hands of those who need to hear it

A Double Feature: Coffee with Jesus and a second cup!

Coffee with Jesus, S3 Ep. 22-23: Growing in Christ Jesus, Parts 1&2

Elizabeth and Christine Hobbs talk about the different ways you can hear God. 

Audio Highlights #5, God is Way Cooler Than Anyone Said

Color Speak, Season 2, Episode 4, God is Way Cooler Than Anyone Said.

COLOR SPEAK is truth talk for relevance restoration and mind renewal in all places and all seasons. It is a podcast designed for the empowerment of women through spiritual sight, a place to see beyond what is visible. An opportunity to understand the love of God as color and encouragement to be all you were meant to be.

Janet and Elizabeth talk about unveiling truth for light and how God is so much more than they ever imagined.

Stories that Empower, Episode 215: Forgiveness is Our Superpower

In this episode, you’ll hear powerful nuggets like:
– You heal when you name things
– You find freedom when you put things to words
– Forgiveness is your superpower!
– Redemption is for you
– When you forgive, you will heal from the pain of your past!

Stories encapsulate “nuggets” of wisdom that span generations and each of us has one. 

Elizabeth went on a journey confronting the people that had hurt her in the past. As she forgave each one, she found compassion and an incredible sense of freedom that she didn’t even know she needed.

Audio Highlights #9, Turning Trauma into Treasure

Tuesday Healing with Tamika Episode 139 – Untold Stories w/ Elizabeth Bristol

Listen in as Tamika and Elizabeth talk about practical ways to turn you trauma into treasure!

The Finding God Podcast
Finding God is a podcast that talks about spiritual journies.

Do we find God or does God find us?

In this episode, Keana Williams talks to Elizabeth about how she ran from God, but that didn’t stop God from finding her!

And Reading Highlights:


In this raw and extraordinary story, Elizabeth B. Bristol takes you on her wild journey in search of acceptance, redemption, and her place in the cosmos. As her exploration around the world shows how God resides in each experience, you will discover that a relationship with Him is never too late and always cool.

Shepherd: The best Christian books that will help you find your own adventure with God

For a long time, I ran from God because I didn’t want Him telling me what to do. Then something amazing happened. Mary Me: One Woman’s Incredible Adventure with God describes my journey into a wild new relationship with God through Jesus Christ who helped me break free from the lies I’d believed so I could be the me He created me to be. I want that for you. And no matter where you are with God, there’s always more! Click the link above to read about 5 of the books that helped me when I first started my journey!

7-Minute Author Reading

Faith Cafe Productions Authors & Books:

Click here to listen to Elizabeth read the first chapter of Mary Me: One Woman’s Incredible Adventure with God