How Can I Pray for You?

One hand reaching for another as if to say, "How can I pray for you?"
Thank you, Unsplash, for sharing this picture.

Before I started hanging out with God, I had no idea how good it felt to have someone pray for me. And back then you never would have been able to convince me of the power of prayer, but I’ve seen it so how can I pray for you? 😊’

Before a fishing trip, my friend Pam asked. “Is it okay to ask God for a fish?”

I think it’s okay to talk to God about everything, so I prayed, “Lord, Pam wants to catch a fish. Help her?”

Three days later, she returned from her trip with a glow. “You’re never going to believe what happened. I caught a salmon this big.” She held her hands three feet apart. “He snapped my pole and got away. So, I went to Wal-Mart, got a new pole, and prayed again. This time, I said, ‘God, help me catch an even bigger fish and reel him in!’ We went out the next morning, and in fifteen minutes, I did!”

I love those stories! That said, I know I am only getting started on the list of prayers below. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

A Special Prayer for People with COVID

In this Season, Can I Bless You?

A Prayer for the Children Who Need It

A Prayer for Difficult Situations

A Special Prayer for Caregivers of Aging Parents

A Prayer for Those Struggling to Pray

A Wife’s Prayer for Her Unemployed Husband

A Prayer for A Friend Who Lost Her Husband

A Sabbath Liturgy

Can you do me a favor?

If you don’t see a prayer here that covers your need, could you please fill out a prayer request below and let me know. Then I’ll get right on it.

Thanks! 😊