How Can I Pray for You?

One hand reaching for another as if to say, "How can I pray for you?"

Do you have something on your mind that you feel like you need to pray about, but you don’t know where to start? I get like that. 

What do I do? I look for someone else’s prayer and nod my head in agreement with it. 

Does that feel like cheating? 

It’s not. Nope, there’s power in agreement! ?

The Bible says one can set 1,000 to flight but two can set 10,000. You know how it is when we partner with a friend, we get so much more done. So, when we lock arms in prayer and lift our words to God together, well, watch out! 

And after you partner your agreement with one of the following prayers, see if you don’t you feel better.

When I get what feels like a burden of prayer, I don’t feel peace until I pray. After, it’s amazing how I feel and then I get excited to see what happens.

So, let’s partner our agreement in prayer
and knock on the doors of heaven together!

A Mighty Prayer for a Successful Surgery and Full Recovery

Help, I Need a Powerful Prayer for a Troubled Marriage!

A Helpful Prayer for Your Healing After Sexual Abuse

A Powerful Healing Prayer after You’ve had an Abortion

A Special Prayer for Caregivers of Aging Parents

A Prayer for the Children Who Need It

Help! I Need THE Powerful Prayer for Comfort and Peace Now

A Powerful Prayer for Loneliness

A Prayer for Those Struggling to Pray

A Wife’s Prayer for Her Unemployed Husband

A Prayer for A Friend Who Lost Her Husband

A Special Prayer for People with COVID

I Bless You in Every Single Way You Need Blessing!

If you don’t see a prayer here that covers your need, fill out a prayer request below and let me know. I’ll get right on it.

Thank you!