How to Hear God in 3 Easy Steps

Maybe you’re thinking: since God is God, He knows what’s going through my mind. He knows when He’s not my normal go to, and He knows about all the energy I’ve spent wondering how to hear God and I haven’t.

So, I’m here. What do I do next?

One way we can seek God is to talk to Him.
Photo thanks to Jonathan Borba.

First, I want to enCOURAGE you.

In the Bible, God says that if you seek Him with your whole heart, you will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). And one of the things God can’t do is lie. 

So, you’re on the right track. 

A while back, I found God when I wasn’t even looking. Do you know why? I think it’s because God wants to connect with us even more than we want to with Him.

How to Hear God, Step One

Spend time in nature.

Go back to the basics, is that a surprise? Let me share what happened to me through an except from my book:

. . .  with the family Sheltie on a leash, I shuffled through fallen leaves. 

Was I doing the right thing? Since I grew up always being told I was doing it wrong, I always wondered. 

There behind my grandparents’ graves, that’s where I saw the first rabbit. An eastern cottontail. His stare penetrated me with a knowing look. I didn’t think much about it—not until it happened three weeks in a row and on walks in totally different towns. It looked like the same rabbit, but I’d never noticed bunnies in this part of the country. 

By the third time, I got goosebumps. The presence of the little guy filled the space between us. I know this sounds crazy, but I wondered if he might be God. 

Who else could inhabit a rabbit?

If God created nature, He must have the power to do that. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that only God knew where I’d be, and He came.

But why would He visit me?

I don’t know, but it didn’t freak me out. Inside this rabbit, God wasn’t all up in my face telling me what to do. He was just there, and He seemed to approve of, I don’t know, everything? Me, my plans . . . 

Seek God in Nature
Photo thanks to Ray Hennessy.

How to Hear God, Step Two

Talk to Him.

I know some people might think you’re whacked. But when you’re as desperate as I can get, it’s worth it.

If you’re wondering how to hear God, I’m guessing that you may think you don’t know how to pray. But there is no wrong way. Praying is just a fancy way of saying that you’re talking to God.

And how do I talk to God? I do it the same way I’m talking to you! ❤️

Here’s another snippet from my book about when I first started doing that:

Lately, though, we hung out, took walks, and I know some would think I was crazy, but we talked. It was like chatting with a friend, only silently. I’d be thinking about something, and since God’s God, I assumed He could hear me, so I’d ask Him what He thought. And here’s the weird part, I’d pick up a book, a box of cereal, or catch a random conversation at the gym and hear what felt like His next line in our conversation! It was wild. 

It didn’t seem coincidental. The circumstances would line up with what He said and confirm something for me. As I experienced Him in this way over and over, I trusted Him more and more. 

Then one night, He said, “Thanks!” 

“For what?” I couldn’t imagine why God would ever thank me. 

“Hanging out.” 

I got goosebumps. Started getting them all the time, enough that I began calling them Godbumps. Then I saw something in the Bible: “When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I’ll listen. When you come looking for me, you’ll find me. Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed” (Jeremiah 29:12-13, TM). 

That’s what was happening! 

Do you know what?

God loves when you reach out to Him. So, all you need to do is tell Him what’s on your heart. It can be as simple as:

Since You know all things, You know why I’m here.
Will You show me what to do?

Sometimes, I pick up my journal and I write until I have nothing left to say. It doesn’t matter how the words come out, no need for eloquence. I call it “throw up on a page.”

Other times, I say all my words out loud. I whine until I have nothing left to say. 

It’s not really that God needs to hear what I have to say because I do think He knows what’s going through my mind. So, He already knows. But in the process of telling Him my story, I explain things to myself. 

Sometimes, I name Skittles, you know the candy?

Another way to seek God, name your Skittles!
Photo thanks to Jonathan J. Castellon.

I name each red one after something I’m angry about, and the green I label those after the situations I’m envious of, and I use yellow to signify pain.

However we express things, here’s the best thing we can do next . . .

We can give it all to God, all of our words, all of our angst, and all of our stress!

And whenever you feel tempted to pick your stuff back up, and you will, remind yourself that you want what God can do with it. When you release it, He’ll do what only He can. And it’s so much better than what we’ve been doing with it, right?

It’s freeing.

Now, try to find something you can do to symbolize that you’re really giving it to Him. For me, I’ll eat those skittles I named. 😁

Now, the step I think a lot of people skip.

The third thing I learned as I wondered How to Hear God is that I need to sit still and listen. I don’t know about you, but this is a hard one for me!

But how are we going to hear God if we never listen?

So, take a walk or a drive. And while you’re doing that, aim to enjoy the journey and let what comes come.

Don’t worry, His speaking to you is not up to you. It’s up to Him, right?

I just let Him know I’m willing and I want to hear what He has to say and eventually, a thought drops into my spirit that I know wasn’t mine.

Whenever we need help, all we have to do is ask.

Just remember: There is no wrong way to seek God.

It looks exactly like what you’re doing even just by reading this post. 

Next, I dare you to expect something cool to happen, maybe even a small miracle? 🙂

I’ve learned to give God permission to have His way with everything and that it’s okay if He does something different than I asked because sometimes He has a better plan. I don’t have to micromanage God.

He’s got it whatever it is!

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  1. Good words for us, Elizabeth–not to try to micromanage God; as if we could, but our human selves live that way much of the time. Would we want to worship a God that could be micromanaged? Thank you, Lord, for being beyond my comprehension.

    I love the moments that God wraps us in His love & makes us aware of His intimate presence with a special awareness or sighting of nature’s gifts.

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