Have you ever wondered if God has a destiny for you, you know, your own incredible adventure with God?

He does.

For the longest time, Elizabeth Bristol ran from God—until, out of desperation, she caved. She found out she not only needed God but wanted Him. In what came as a total shock, she found peace, purpose, and incredible healing. 

She can’t not share because in this crazy world, who couldn’t use a little more of all that?

There are stories in this book she wasn’t going to tell. Why did she? She had to share her indiscretions in order for people to see the power of redemption.

But the coolest thing about this book isn’t the miraculous story God made out of Elizabeth’s life, it’s that He wants to do the same for everyone else. 

When you walk in your destiny, nothing can stop you from influencing your world.

How do you do that? Let this book show you how to find your own incredible adventure with God.

Trigger Warnings: Rape, abortion, and just so you know, there are a few swears in it.

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Mary Me,
what does that mean?

There were 2 sisters, Martha and Mary.
I was like Martha; I had 12 jobs and worked 84 hours a week.

Then I started hanging out with God.
He helped me change from a Martha to a Mary as He became my partner.

Does the title make you think of
“Will you marry me?”

The double entendre is intentional. 😊

Just so you know,
there are a few swears in this book.

It’s authentic, but I know it could cause a problem for some.

I’m sorry if that’s you!

I took them out. But then I paid $400 to put them back in because I had no peace.

Here I was writing a book about following God and I didn’t feel like I was doing it.

I’m okay with being wrong. But I don’t want to do my own thing anymore.

God’s not out to get us
like some people think.

Nope, He absolutely adores us!

He’s real and personal,
wild, funny, and definitely for us.

People always ask me,
“You say you hear God.

My experience is a story of a God you may not yet know, but He wants to know you!

I met Elizabeth on one of her drives south. We became fast friends and worked together on several of Habitat’s builds. She always has a story or three and she’s not afraid to share the pain from her past with a level of honesty that takes guts.

Linda C. Fuller
co-founder of Habitat for Humanity International

Elizabeth Bristol uses candor, humor, and a conversational-style to tell her unconventional story: she was a young party girl addicted to travel, always seeking something bigger than herself until she realized the hole inside of her was God-sized. That’s when the self-proclaimed agnostic’s real struggles began.

Holly Lorincz
bestselling author of Crown Heights

This entertaining pilgrimage is full of quirky stories. It’s deeply personal, but resonates with familiar spiritual wonderings we can all identify with. The “aha” moments are simple yet profound, dished out appropriately in a way that makes me shake my head and smile.

Chip MacGregor
MacGregor Literary Inc.
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Editorial Review

Mary Me: One Woman's Incredible Adventure with God by Elizabeth B. Bristol is a non-fiction memoir that follows the author as she lays bare her own path to God. Bristol begins with a genuine, bonafide adventure, traipsing across continents with a group of fellow travelers looking for absolutely everything and nothing at all. As Bristol immerses herself in a nomadic African existence, she begins to hear God as he speaks to her with protective messages that save her life several times. On her stateside return, she continues to bounce around without much thought, and even when she decides she wants to walk in the light, it always seems like a bad day to be a good girl, until finally . . . “I'm looking for a church . . .”

That wasn't exactly the end of the story and is actually where Mary Me truly begins, at least in the context of Elizabeth B. Bristol vocalizing a commitment that is not usually considered an easy one to make. As an outsider looking into Bristol's life, not the Big Guy Upstairs—it's the conversational narrative style that makes the memoir so engaging. Bristol is the type of person who invites readers to hang out. She's funny and adventurous; she's authentic. She's real. She colors outside the lines and is upfront about it not being as easy as people make it out to be, a “fisher of men”, something clarified as an entirely different style of discipleship a bit down the line. At the same time, she makes some incredibly heartbreaking revelations that take courage to share. This is an excellent book and I'm so glad to have come across it.
-Reviewed By Asher Syed for Readers' Favorite

Mary Me: One Woman's Incredible Adventure with God by Elizabeth B. Bristol takes readers through her spiritual quest, which she terms as weird because she did not fit into any church with her perception of God. She shares her experiences and stories through this memoir and shows what exactly took her closer to God and her unique adventures with Him. The memoir gives readers different ways of looking at God and His role in their lives. The author studied chakras, walked labyrinths, searched for a sweat lodge, made pilgrimages to Jim Morrison's grave, Loch Ness, and the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The author's words put God in a different light than what He is usually perceived to be. God is cool, and He is packaged in another way. He is gentle, never hurried, always present, and not judgmental or mean, but He is the ultimate friend one seeks.

Mary Me is all about finding the meaning and purpose of life, healing, redemption, and achieving incredible peace after hanging out with God. The author's different style of living, not fitting into any organized religion, and finally understanding the mysterious ways of God make this book interesting to read. Elizabeth B. Bristol is honest and straightforward while sharing her story about what made her take the spiritual path and use it differently. She shares her moments of frustration, challenges, adventure, toxic behavior and lifestyle unapologetically, while giving readers hope to make positive changes when they are facing adversities in their lives. I found the book engaging and the author's honesty is heartwarming. Her writing style is simple and neat, making the story tangible to readers and thereby making it easy to connect. I found myself looking at God in a different way after reading this book. The author made it so simple and uncomplicated.

-Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

The primary readers of MARY ME: One Woman's Incredible Adventure with God . . . 

. . . are female seekers, women readers of all ages. They’re wild in their own way, unapologetically themselves. They want the truth, not some weirdo trying to force their beliefs on them. 

Many have ruled out organized religion because she never quite felt like she fit in. Open to God, she doesn’t do well with can’ts and have to’s. She’s spiritual, just not religious. 

She wants to make a difference and count for something. But how the heck does she do that? She’s tried in more ways than you want to know. She may even have her own version of what the world says is fulfilling. So why does she feel like something’s missing? 

She’s hungry, but only for something that doesn’t ask too much of her because frankly, she’s busy, tired, and downright weary. But there's got to be something more, right?

She always used to think, God? No thank you! 

Before she met God, she struggled with anxiety. So, she loved the incredible peace once she started hanging out with Him. Then there was the healing, the purpose, the guidance, the adventure, the security, and the friendship. She had no idea all that came as a package deal.

After, she stopped wanting what He did for her and just wanted Him. Now she can’t imagine life without God. How do people do it? He’s way cooler than anyone said. He didn’t call her sinner. He called her Friend. He blew her mind with His mysterious ways, cracked her up with inside jokes, and answered her--though not always right away or with the response she expected. He wasn’t afraid to say vibratorLSD, or abortion when they talked about her past. He was gentle. Never hurried. Always there, even when He was quiet.

Do you wonder if God is real or if you can get to know Him? 

This interesting read offers hours of escape, a vicarious adventure, a search for meaning, purpose, and destiny, redemption even as Elizabeth finds her superpower in God and learns how to use it. 

Let her show you how to find your own incredible adventure with God!