Help, I Need a Powerful Prayer for a Troubled Marriage!

Someone requested a prayer for her troubled marriage. And I remember how painful it is to be in her shoes so I added the word powerful. For that, we are going to need some help from God!

God, we need a powerful prayer for a troubled marriage.

And You are the only one who knows what that takes.

Because only You know everyone who will find this page and why. You know the details of each situation and the specific challenges and personalities involved. And You know exactly what each couple needs to find their destiny in You.

So, we cry out and ask You to lead us in our super powerful prayer for a troubled marriage.

A woman with a hopeful look in her eye. Hope is a powerful part of prayer for a troubled marriage.
Photo by Ozan Çulha.

For each woman reading this,

I ask You, God, to help her find a quiet and safe place to be with You, not just right now, but regularly as she takes each step of this journey. Draw her away every time she needs to talk and get her peace back.

Help her find the words to explain her pain to You and to pour it all out until she has nothing left to say.

That’s prayer! And prayer is ALWAYS powerful.

We don’t have to be eloquent. God hears the cries of our hearts.

And it’s not that He needs our explanation; but when we share, He’ll do what He promises!

Here's one powerful prayer for a troubled marriage.

God will speak to you!

Because He loves you. (Don’t believe me? Click here if you need some convincing! ☺️)

God’s ways are far above our own (Isaiah 55:9)
and He loves when we come to Him for help.

When our hearts are ready to listen and to receive His understanding, when we let God be God and do all He wants, we never know what will happen!

In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus says,

“Come to me,
all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens,
and I will give you rest.  

Take my yoke upon you.

Let me teach you,
because I am humble
and gentle at heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.

For my yoke is easy to bear,
and the burden I give you is light.”

God is there for you. (Isaiah 61:1-2)

He wants to:

. . . give you faith to believe your marriage can be different
. . . heal both of your hearts
. . . teach you how to communicate in healthy ways
. . . help both of you to forgive immediately, to refuse bitterness, and to choose peace
. . . help you both refuse to “take” offense
. . . restore trust where it has been broken
. . . show you how to make the changes He suggests
. . . remind both of you of your initial attraction and of the special times you’ve shared
. . . rekindle your love for one another
. . . give you the desire to bless each other
. . . and fill your marriage with joy!

I know this might sound impossible right now, but the Bible says, “With God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26, NKJV)

Seriously, God can do these things.

So take a pencil and list all the things you wished I had put on this list. And don’t forget, you can add to it at any time.

Now let go and give it to God.

Sometimes this can be the hardest part.

But when we hang onto all that stuff and try to fix it ourselves, we make a mess. When we give it to God, He is able to do what He promises.

And maybe you’re like me where you need this next prayer a lot, “God, help me to let go!”

☺️ He’s there for you always and forever!

This next step is a biggie, are you ready?

Trust Him.

Do you struggle to trust God to deliver on your powerful prayer for your troubled marriage?

Then talk to Him about it.

And don’t forget to listen to what He has to say because He will bless you. His words may not always be what you want to hear or what you expect, but they will always bless you.

Sometimes I have to listen to music to rest in His presence

That’s because I refuse to listen to the words that play in my mind trying to draw me into a negative place, so I listen to something like this.

Did you know the Lord rejoices over you with singing (Zephaniah 3:17)?

Lean back and let Him sing over you.

And expect miracles! ☺️ That’s what having faith is all about. So, go on,

dare to believe!

One thing  powerful prayer for a troubled marriage takes is faith to believe.
Photo by Andy Montes de Oca.

Could you or your husband use a stronger relationship with Jesus?

If so, let’s tell God. If you like these words, you’re welcome to make them your prayer.

God, feel free to start with my heart.
Will You help me grow in my relationship with You?

Help us to see each other as You see us
and help us to partner with You.

And this part might be hard so you can save it for later if you’d like. Or, you can ask God to make you willing to want to pray this:

Connect us, Lord,
with an emotional intimacy we’ve never had before
with each other and with You.

Help us to be representatives of Yours
so others will see
that we are a marriage as You designed it.

I told you, we’re going for a powerful prayer for a troubled marriage!

Help us to yield our hearts
so that You can change us
in all the ways You want. 

Help us to trust You along the way
and to remember that everything You ask is for our good.

Show us each of the things we need to work on
individually and as a couple.
Give us the strength we need to do that with You.

Help us to listen,
to understand,
and to walk this out
(sometimes baby) step by (baby) step.

God, You know where the darkness lies, and You know why.

You know the places
we need Your healing touch
to minister to us because of our pasts.

Heal all those inner places
that trigger on what already has happened.

Bring us together in You.

Help us to close all the doors open to evil and
to turn away from all the places we have turned for comfort besides You.

You are the only one who can fill the empty void within
and You are right here
ready, willing and able.

Be the third strand of the cord in our marriage.

“Two people are better off than one,
for they can help each other succeed. 

If one person falls,
the other can reach out and help.
But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.

two people lying close together
can keep each other warm.

But how can one be warm alone? 

A person standing alone
can be attacked and defeated,
but two can stand back-to-back and conquer.

Three are even better,
for a triple-braided cord
is not easily broken.”
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, NLT

Please be the third strand in the cord of our marriage
and show us how that works.

Image by congerdesign

A Prayer for you from my friend, Angela.

Lord, my powerful prayer for this troubled marriage begins by asking you to put a hedge of protection around this couple.

Protect them from all evil.

Set a path before them filled with wisdom and discernment to make good choices. Give them a desire to let go of all unhealthy relationships, habits and behaviors that harm their relationship. 

And help them to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.

Remind them of their first moment of attraction. And allow them the freedom to be the people you created them to be. 

Bring clarity of mind,
courage to change, 
and peaceful rest even when they are busy.

Thank you that they can come to You anytime because You are ALWAYS there to listen and to help. You are good and You love us more than we could possibly imagine. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez .

God, I feel Your love for this marriage.

So, Lord, my powerful prayer for this troubled marriage begins by asking you to bless the covenant they made before You. You see it all even if it wasn’t in a church.

I pray for:

  • unity
  • respect for and submission to each other
  • and that each would lay down his/her own desires to seek You

Give them grace where they complement each other. And help them to have patience to let this process take the time it takes.

Fill them with excitement to see what You’ll do.

Flood their minds with Your ideas and show them how they can bless each other.

For those who are tired and have not had couple time, help them find the time to be together, to talk, to listen, and to hear. 

I love the way You reframe things. Please do that! Help them to see things differently so that they happily recognize the changes they can make together with You. 

Bless them with time to reconnect and giggle.

And one final thing.

I cancel every assignment of the enemy against this union and I loose the kingdom of God upon each one. I pray that the Spirit of the Lord would hover over them and that each would experience a greater revelation of God’s perfect love in Jesus’ name. ❤️

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Need God? Maybe You Don’t Think So But Look How Good He Is!

And while I understand a heart for restoration

and that is my hope for you, sometimes there needs to be a break.

Like they say, “Everyone deserves relationships free from domestic violence. When you’re ready, we’re here to listen with confidential support 24/7/365.”

National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233)

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