A Special Prayer for People With COVID

I have to confess, I am so frustrated with this disease. I want it to go away. When I get like this, one of the things I do is fight back. So, thank you for joining me and my friend, Paige, in praying for people with COVID!

Prayer is more powerful than anything we can do.

I don’t think we get that. When we can’t think of anything else, we often say, “Well, I’ll pray,” in a limp voice as if it’s nothing.

But prayer is one of your superpowers!

I’ve seen God do miracles. You know that because I’ve been writing about them.

So, let’s partner our agreement in prayer and watch what God will do with it.

A Prayer for People with COVID

God, You are the Healer!

You knit each one of us together in our mothers’ wombs.

And you know each and every person that has COVID and what’s going on with him or her. We lift everyone up to You and ask for You to minister each one in every way needed to restore bodies. 

Please clear their lungs. Help them breathe. Set them free from fatigue and give them strength. 

Where evil is lying and trying to scare them, whisper sweet somethings into their ears. Speak truth. Remind them that You are their Healer, and You know what they need.

Calm their nerves and bring peace.

And bless them in a special way that You never could without this virus. You work all things together for those of us who are in You. 

So, for those who know you, refresh them. It seems impossible to work something good out of this, but You can do that. Show them Your love. Show them Your care. Help them understand Your nearness like they have never understood before.

Strengthen their trust in You as You reveal how You really are working this for their good.

And for those who are not yet in You, who do not know You, draw them to Yourself. Your word says that when we draw near to You that You will draw near to us. Woo those who need You. And reveal Your love to them in undeniable ways.

Use this nasty virus to do things You could never do without it.

Father God, we praise You! 

Right now, when it seems like the last thing we’d do, we praise You!

You are life! You are the Creator, and in You, we move and have our being (Acts 17:28). In this time of sickness, we ask You to protect each one of us from siding with fear. 

We confess that we need You to increase our faith.

Father God, please bless each person with COVID with a special touch.
Image by Kalhh from Pixabay.

Like the man who came to Jesus to heal his child, we cry out, “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.” (Mark 9:24)

And like Abraham, help us not only to believe but also to trust You. You counted Abraham’s faith in You as righteousness and without faith it’s impossible to please You (Hebrews 11:6).

Help us to please You like never before!

Jesus, pray for us?

Jesus, please pray for the people with COVID.

I love that Romans 8:34 says that You, Jesus, are right next to Father God interceding, pleading, and mediating for us.

You took on all of our sicknesses.

You bound up our broken hearts and set us free (Isaiah 61:1/Luke 4:18). Thank You for coming so that we might have life in abundance!

Thank You for preparing a place for us to be with You in the future (John 14:3). ?

We have hope of more than this life because of You!

Holy Spirit, we pray for Your will to be done in our lives.

Holy Spirit, please heal the people with COVID.

Let the enemy have no claim on us because of the authority, power, mercy, and blood of Jesus (Mathew 28:18).

Set our troubled hearts at rest, so we trust in You always (John 14:1).

We relinquish our lives, our worry, and our fears
knowing that You are sovereign.

Thank You, God, for all You’re doing!

Help us bubble over with thanksgiving and fill us with Your wisdom even in the midst of all the angst we are enduring right now. I love the way You fill me with joy when it doesn’t make sense and that’s what I ask You to do for each one reading this now.

Your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven
in Jesus name, we pray.

Thank you Joel Vodell for sharing this photo on Unsplash.

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Paige Van Meter Sturgeon wrote this prayer with me

A picture of my friend, Paige, who wrote this prayer for people with COVID.

Paige is the author of a devotional book called, In the Winter of Grief: 25 Devotions of Advent Hope. She also developed the ANCHOR outreach program for schools and parents to use to increase suicide awareness and to strengthen better resiliency in handling suffering for students at www.anchorforlife.org.

Paige has a Masters degree in Counseling and has been certified as a School Suicide Prevention Specialist. She works with adolescents and adults in her home state of Kentucky to help people to find meaning and hope even when grieving significant losses in their lives.

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