I Bless You in Every Single Way You Need Blessing!

Take a minute for yourself, you deserve it! Ready, lean back and breathe, in . . . out, in . . . out, and now get ready to feel hugged from the inside as I bless you! ❤️

First, I bless you with strength!

I bless you with strength.

(Hear your name spoken inside), I bless you with reminders everywhere you look that God is THERE FOR YOU, in an up-close-and-personal-way-you-couldn’t-deny-even-if-you-tried!

________, I bless you with clear and deep revelation, that shows you God wants to be not only your strength, but your hideout, your refueling station, and your personal refuge.

Every single time you have a need, I bless you to turn to God before you think of doing anything else. I bless you with provision that seems to come from nowhere and supernatural ideas you know you never could come up with on your own as you seek to resolve each challenge. 

In this new year, I bless you with one experience after another of God proving to be your own personal EVER-PRESENT HELP in time of need. 

________, I bless you with transcendent moments of deep, inner strength that not only gets you through your circumstances but gives you an overflow to reach out to those around you—not just the people you love, but strangers who aren’t yet friends. 

________, I bless you with care and connection
coming from a strength deep inside

that you never knew existed
because until now,
it didn’t.

And now, I ask God to fill you with peace that passes ALL understanding! 

I bless you with peace!

I bless you with a desire to give God every single care and concern you have as soon as it arises. Like a hot potato, you can’t help but drop it into THE MOST CAPABLE HANDS EVER! ☺️

And I bless you with a new way of looking at things—no longer seeing your days filled with problems to solve, but being filled with excitement as you give each challenge to God. Stand back and say, “I can’t wait to see what You’re going to do with that!”

Partner with an expectation that bubbles up from deep inside!

And then, in exchange for those cares and concerns that are no longer yours, I bless you with an incredible peace beyond everything you can imagine, an inexplicable peace that doesn’t even make sense when you look at what’s happening. Boy, does it feel good!

And do you know why I can bless you with that?
It’s because God promises 
that’s what happens when we give Him our concerns!

Now, I bless you with joy!

I bless you with joy!
Thank you, Andre Furtado, for sharing your photo!

I bless you with hands-in-the-air-like-you-don’t-care kind of joy!

Where does it come from?

It comes from a new understanding as truths replace every single lie you’ve ever believed when you stop for just a moment and receive them. They are truths you couldn’t have figured out on your own because they are understanding from God.

And when you get them, you become like a dog-with-a-bone; no one can take them from you. That’s how true you know they are! 😊

These new unexpected ways of looking at things bring more than happiness and contentment. They bring a deep sense of wonder at a treasure you never knew existed.

But wait, there’s more . . .

Most of all, I bless you with an insatiable desire for God’s presence!

With all of this, how can we not want more of Him when we can have more?

There are unique surprises just waiting for you around each and every corner when you choose to say, “Yes, God!”


  •       Healing–physical, emotional, and spiritual
  •       Wisdom to guide you into exactly and only the places God has for you
  •       And special assignments that make your heart sing!

Remember the little boy in Oliver Twist, the orphan who dared to bring his empty bowl to the cruel taskmaster. He lifted it up, and asked, “Please, sir, I want some more?”

I’m guessing that I don’t have to tell you that evil is trying to disCOURAGE you. Some of us might even believe lies that tempt us to think God is in some way like that cruel taskmaster, withholding from us or even punishing us.

But God is a Father who loves you more than you could ever imagine or even understand. I tried to find a video like that, but do you know what? There isn’t one that can truly show us how good God is!

There can’t be because it’s so far beyond what this world has to offer.

God wants to be with you in every single way you’ll let Him. He’s a redeemer and in a flash, He can take all the things you give Him and work them for your good. 

I’ve seen Him do that! ☺️

So, I bless you, ________, with a fresh excitement of knowing that God wants to do that IN YOUR LIFE and He will as you let Him.

Say it with me: “Mo-o-ore please, God?” 

You can click here to listen
and let the blessing fill your soul!

If you want to bless a friend, please, feel free to share! 😊

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  1. Thank you so much! I badly need this right now. Please pray for me, for strength and that God hear my prayers.
    May God bless you more for sharing this to us

    1. 😁 God is SO good, isn’t He? The other day, I had a huge to-do list, but He stopped me in my tracks and I couldn’t do anything until I wrote this down because He knew you needed this!

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