A Powerful Healing Prayer after You’ve had an Abortion

Having an abortion is not a choice any woman wants to make. I remember how I felt. I thought abortion was my only option. Whatever your story is around any baby in heaven, this prayer is for you after an abortion.

You and your story are welcome and I hope you get all the healing you need.

My prayer for you after an abortion: dreams and hope and love!
This is what I want for you!

This prayer is for you after an abortion.

Lord, You know that abortion affects each of us in many different ways. You know how it has affected the woman reading this and You know the exact healing she needs. I ask You for that in Jesus’ name.

            Lord, hear our prayer.

Some of us experience guilt, regret, and shame. It might happen right after it but other times it hits us many years later. I’m so grateful that You can replace all feelings with forgiveness, wholeness, and even freedom. I ask You for that in Jesus’ name.

            Lord, hear our prayer.

For everyone who reads this, I pray that You’ll heal every single emotional, spiritual, and physical need she has. Give her the gift of knowing how valuable she is to You. I ask You for that in Jesus’ name.

            Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord, show her how much You love her!

My prayer for each woman after an abortion: that she will be filled with hope for the future as she learns to know God's love for her.

Did you know . . .

. . . that after an abortion, it’s common to struggle with decision-making?

So, this is what I pray for you:

fill each precious woman
reading this 
with discernment and wisdom. 

You’ve promised that when we ask, 
You freely give.

We’re asking! 🙂

The emotional rainbow

Our emotions are a gift. They teach us. But we don’t always express them in healthy ways, do we? 

In my journey of healing, I came across someone talking about an emotional rainbow. That’s when I learned to journal all my emotions, one at a time, like this:

I feel angry because . . .

I feel hurt because . . .

I’m sad because . . .

I’m frustrated because . . .

You can get creative or make a list of your own unique combination of emotions. Give each emotion the microphone to share until there’s nothing left to say before it passes it to the next.

I do it like a prayer.

And I always like to start with the negative and end on a positive note with emotions like this:

God, I’m so grateful that You are here
and You promise never to leave me.

I feel hopeful because I’ve heard that You’ll work all things together for my good.

I’m learning to be confident that I can trust You.

I’m dreaming about a more positive future 
and asking You to help me get there.

A way to physical prayer after an abortion of walking through the doorways of your emotions.
Thank you, Robert Katzki, for sharing your photo with us!

help us process each emotion. 
Protect us from behaviors 
and relationships 
that sabotage healing and growth. ❤️

Do you need to get right with God?

That’s hard after an abortion, isn’t it?

But do you know what? God loves you so much more than you could possibly imagine. I’m going to keep saying that because after an abortion, we need to hear that, don’t we? ☺️

God doesn’t want the barrier that we often put up between us.

Do you know the story of the prodigal son in the Bible? 

A man had two sons. One took his inheritance and ran away. The father missed that son so badly that he always had one eye on the horizon hoping and praying for that son’s return.

That’s why he saw him a long way off and ran to meet him when he did.

God is more than ready to welcome us home!
Thank you FreeBibleImages for sharing this photo!

If you feel far from God, do you know that this is how God feels about you?

And maybe you want that, but you aren’t sure how to get right with God.

I’ve had to do it frequently so I can show you how. We’ll do it together. 🙂

One thing about prayer is it’s just talking, like you and I are doing. So, all we’re going to do is talk to God. If you’d prefer to pray along with me, nod your head in agreement to what I say. That’s okay, too.

Sometimes, when I don’t know what to pray, I read someone else’s prayer and recognize in it what I’d like to say. His/her prayer puts my feelings into words for me. That works!

So, if you need help in that way, I’d be glad to do that for you!

I’ll pray. And if there’s something I say that doesn’t describe how you feel or isn’t what you’d say, just skip that part, okay? 

And if there’s something extra you’d like to throw in, go for it. ☺️

God hears the cries of your heart.

A prayer TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD after an abortion.

Dear God,
You know I’ve been avoiding You.
I’m sorry.
It’s just that I haven’t known what to say.

Well, it’s not just that, but that’s part of it.

You know everything that’s happened.
And You know I want to get right with You.
Thank You for letting me be real with You.

I want to lay this down,
give it all to You,
and let You do what only You can.

Will You please forgive me?

Thank you, Arina Krasnikova, for sharing your photo.

Thank You that You are always here for me,
loving me,
even when I don’t deserve it,
especially when I don’t deserve it.

I let go of everything
give it all to You,
. . . my baby in heaven,
. . . the pain in my heart,
and every single thing that comes to mind.

As I take deep breaths,
I ask You to fill me
with Your forgiveness,
Your love,
and Your peace.

This is how I want you to feel after praying this prayer after an abortion.
Thank you, Andrea Piacquadio, for sharing your photo!

Help me to forgive myself. 
Because I don’t know how. 

I think I just do it.

So, I’m going to say out loud,
“I forgive myself.”

You know what?
I don’t believe it.
So,I’m going to say it again,
“I forgive myself.”

And I’m going to say it every time I need reminding. 

You’re doing it!! 😁 

And this is the way you’ll find all the peace you need. ❤️

God wants you to lean on Him for everything. But He’s a gentleman and He won’t take control. If you ask, He will ALWAYS help.

God REALLY wants to help you! 

A prayer for GOD’S CLARITY after an abortion.

I also pray that you will have the strength and courage to sit with God and let Him help you sort through the lies that you’ve believed and recognize the truth around this part of your story.

It can be quite surprising!

Let God tell you the way He sees what happened and explain it with a clarity that heals you as it fills you with lasting hope. 

You see all that goes on in every life,
and no matter what,
Your heart is always ready to forgive and love. 

Thank you! 

Thank you for giving us a way to be free
from all of our choices
that have separated us from You. 

Let God do the healing that only He can, which includes all that we are talking about and more, much more!

Again, He’s a gentleman so He waits for us to ask for His help.

So, go for it! Ask Him for all the help you need. 😊

A prayer for SUPPORT after an abortion.

Twenty years after I had an abortion, I finally found my way to the local pregnancy center where I worked through a post abortion recovery class.

If you are interested, I will bet there’s one near you.

I am so glad did! The experience was such an amazing blessing and because of it, I want it for you:

a safe place to share
with a non-judgmental woman or three
to help you process your unique experience
and find all the healing AND joy God has for you!

Prayer is a phenomenal beginning to our healing process and I’m excited about what God will do in you with this prayer. But I also know from experience that God has so much more for you.

There are many great Bible study support groups that focus on post abortion recovery.

If you click here, you can read the first chapter of Surrendering the Secret which is the curriculum my local center currently uses.

If you are wondering, it will give you an idea of what you could expect.

if and when each reader is ready,
I pray that You will lead her
into a community of others who love You,
the exact group You designed to help her.
And I thank You! ❤️

And one last prayer FOR BLESSING AND PEACE:

Dear Sweet Lord Jesus,

I wish I could give each one reading this a hug!

In some very special way,
can You reveal Yourself to her?

In the days to come,
I trust You to minister to her
through words and thoughts,
circumstances and situations. 
Use it all, Lord.

Answer her questions. 
Bless her efforts. 
And most of all, fill her with Your incredible peace.

You say, I know the plans I have for this very special one,
plans for a hope and a future! 💜

Reveal Yourself in that way,
I pray in Your name.

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I Bless You in this New Year!

Thank you, Carol Wilson, for your huge heart for others who, like us, have a baby in heaven because of abortion. I know you’ve facilitated numerous support groups to help women heal from abortion. I appreciate your help with some of this post while I look forward to your upcoming book which will  help women learn how to live wholly after abortion.

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