A Prayer for the Children Who Need It

One night, I had a prayer party. I gathered my Bible study girls together in an incredibly peaceful massage studio called Amara Health where my friend works. She prays for her clients as she massages them. And when she doesn’t have clients, she hangs out with God. 

Because of that, you can feel a difference in the atmosphere of the room.

I told my Bible study girls, “Let’s write some prayers for whomever God lays on our hearts tonight.” 

We sat there together in silence and prayed. 

One thought about her friends who grew up in families with parents who were so focused on their own junk that the kids weren’t heard or cared for in the ways they needed it. She wrote this prayer for the children in that same situation who need it today.

A picture of a child who looks like she could use this prayer.
Thank you to Pixabay for sharing this picture.

Father, I pray this prayer for the children who need it.

Come and sit with those who are alone, afraid, hungry, or lost.

Sit with the little ones in deep fear, while a storm rages on. Speak peace into their very souls. Call them by the name You’ve given them. Come into their dreams so they know it’s You. Remind them of how much You love them. 

Tell them the storm will not last forever. The darkness cannot and will not overtake them. 

Shine Your face so they feel Your warmth, Your love, Your peace, and Your hope. Help them to hear You sing over them. Put a new song into their hearts.

And send Your angels to be with these children. Remind them that whatever it is, IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT. Clear their minds so that when they close their eyes, they do not see death, destruction, violence, and hurt. 

Give them new visions of hope, light, peace, love, and laughter.

A picture of hope and help as and adult holds a child's hand.
Thank you Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas for sharing your photo on Pixels.

I pray this prayer for the children who need it.

Give them courage to speak the truth. 

Show them the doors that lead to life. Block evil’s attempts to destroy them. Reveal the lies. Hide the little ones from the lion that seeks to devour them and spread Your magnificent wings over them so they can find shelter and warmth. 

This angel reminds me of Matthew 18:10 that says: "For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven."
Thank you to S. Hermann & F Richter for this image on Pixabay.

Hide them. Help them feel safe. Give them rest and peaceful sleep without frightening dreams. 

Heal their bodies, their hearts, and their hopes.

Give them new eyes to see You, Your beauty, and Your beautiful servants everywhere!

Father, I pray this prayer for the children who need it.

Hear their prayers, their cries for help, their desperation.

Let your love and Your healing wash over them like sweet tender rain. Gentle and refreshing, pour it on them like a balm to heal their wounds.

When the pain comes, bring relief. 

Take the hurt away. Help the children to grow into the people You created them to be. Take everything meant for their harm and turn it for their good. And thank You, Jesus, for hearing and taking time to listen. Thank You for seeing them. They are not invisible. They matter and they have value. Help them to know that!

Bring every single thing into Your light. Uncover the evil, the darkness and the lies. Bring it all out into the open. Expose it for what it is. Take that which has been hidden and bring it into the light. Make darkness run.

Remove the veil from each child’s eyes, hearts, and minds so they see the truth. Shine Your perfect beautiful, glorious light into every dark place. Keep them in Your light. Do not let them go. 

Thank You, that You never leave them, never forsake them, or throw them away. 

And Lord, as we pray for the children . . .

. . . give us Your words, remind us of Your promises and Your truth for them that we might stand on it. And we will praise and thank You.

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A prayer written by Angela Maynard.

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  1. This so touched my heart. Brought unknown warmth to it. Made me see in my mind little children scared and in their corners who are made part of this powerful prayer. Could not keep the tears back. May this prayer be repeated by all who reads it. So many children are in need of this prayer. God bless you.

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