A Prayer for Those Struggling to Pray

May God meet you anyway.
When you have no words to say,
Would you let your body pray through you today?

Wordless prayers of movement, taste, and touch,
Of stillness, sight, and sound,
Of hands raised up,
Of knees bowed down.

The language of lighting a candle,
Humming a song,
Watering the plants,
Walking the dog.

Savoring your coffee,
Shivering in the breeze,
Stirring potato soup,
Crunching fallen leaves.

Breathing in his mercy,
Tasting his sweetness,
Listening for his goodness,
Touching his kindness.

When all your words fail, may you remember
That praying is much more than speaking.
It is being
With the one who loves to be with you!

So, go paint your prayers,
Play your prayers,
Dance your prayers,
Draw your prayers,
Bake your prayers,
Breathe your prayers,
Run your prayers,
Hug your prayers,
Laugh your prayers,
Cry your prayers.

And allow your hands and feet,
And fingers and nose,
And arms and eyes,
And shoulders and toes
To carry your prayers to the foot of the throne,
To the one who needs no words
Because He already knows.

Which one is a picture of your own prayers today?

Before you go, could I please bless you?

If you would like to print a copy, click the download button below:

•The images are by Alan Hirsch who says he is painting his prayers these days . . .

•The prayer is written by Sarah Bourns.

Sarah is passionate about developing and empowering the next generation of globally-minded leaders. She serves as the Pastor of Mission and Formation at Hope Church NYC, a multi-ethnic church in Manhattan, and teaches courses on culture, theology, and soul care at Nyack College. A California native, Sarah has also lived in Colorado and inner-city Philadelphia, and her international travels have taken her to over 35 countries. Her various pursuits have included urban community development, cultural intelligence training, teaching English as a second language, missionary care, and spiritual direction. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology as well as a Masters of Divinity. 

Check out Sarah Bourns’ Facebook page or her Instagram @sarahbourns which is where she does all of her writing at the moment.

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  1. Shivering in the breeze, crunching fallen leaves, stirring the soup, letting tears fall, speaking words emotionally true but also wrapped with faith in the One who is Faithful and Good and True.

    It’s all hard and beautiful because of my own despair and the despair of too many loved ones, but God loves through engagements like these even. This is a perfect, beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it.

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